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IJM works in nearly 20 communities throughout Africa,
Latin America, South and Southeast Asia.

Desperate to leave the brick factory, the forced labor slaves did not waste one moment and rushed to the vehicle that would lead them out to safety.

Bangalore Brick Kiln Owners are Beginning to Feel the Heat

BANGALORE, INDIA – It was a typical day’s work for Chandan as he drove customers around...

An IJM advocate speaks to Prema, center, on the night she is finally rescued from the violent brothel.

Trafficking Survivor Reacts to Brothel Owner's Conviction

KOLKATA, INDIA – One of the most brutal brothel owners we have ever encountered...

Undercover footage from one of Nakul Bera's brothels.

History in the Making: Notorious Trafficker Twice Convicted for Sex...

KOLKATA, INDIA – Seven years ago, Nakul Bera thought he was invincible. He ran two...