God has an intimate connection with those suffering from violence, for each one is made in his image. What is God's plan to stop the violence? According to the Bible, we are the plan.

"Justice is not a side issue. It's not an extra credit option, but an aspect of God's core character that's so crucial that it deserves our undivided attention."

– Gary Haugen, IJM CEO

The Global Church Is Uniquely Positioned To Make A Difference


    The Global Church has a remarkable platform to engage Christians and entire communities about the reality of everyday violence and God's heart for justice. Explore Teaching Resources


    To be effective in confronting violence, we need the Global Church to join us in praying for specific time sensitive justice operations. Learn More About Prayer Opportunities


    IJM has a proven model that is effective in bringing rescue and restoration, but we will be limited in expanding our impact without the generosity of the Global Church to propel the mission. What Does Justice Cost?


    The work of justice requires long and tedious work which provides the Global Church with service opportunities that are not glamorous but are important to protect the poor from violence. Connect with Church Mobilization Team

Resources for Churches

24 Hour Justice Experience

Ignite your students' passion to end slavery with the 24 Hour Justice Experience. This tool is great for youth leaders interested in teaching about biblical justice in an interactive way.

Advent Conspiracy

A few years ago, three pastors decided to help their congregations re-focus on the true meaning of Christmas by challenging their communities to Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More and Love All. The response was overwhelming, and Advent Conspiracy was born. Make Advent Conspiracy a part of your church, small group, or family tradition and raise funds for IJM.

Community Justice Assessment Tool

Injustice doesn’t just happen in the developing world – it’s also present in our own communities. This tool will help your church identify local needs, and develop or enhance a local justice ministry.

Deepening the Soul for Justice, Bethany Hoang

In this mini-book, Hoang shares spiritual practices honed on the frontlines of the fight for justice—guideposts for an inward journey that can propel a disciple outward, empowering the difficult work of justice. Seeking the God of justice can be a catalyst for spiritual growth and deeper personal discipleship.

Freedom Sunday

Come together for one day to dedicate an entire Sunday to freedom. Churches everywhere will experience God’s heart for justice and see how His people can lead the way to slavery’s end.

Give Change

A tool for students use their gifts, skills, and talents to raise funds and change the reality of those living in the slavery today!

Global Prayer Gathering

Each year, IJM Field Leaders come to Washington D.C. to share first-hand stories of rescue, and to join hundreds of IJM friends to pray for breakthrough in our work.  Attendees say that the experience is as good as visiting our work overseas, and some churches send a team every year to pray for our global work as part of their mission’s program. Join us or send a prayer team to the Global Prayer Gathering to do the work of justice through prayer.

Good News About Injustice, Gary Haugen

Interspersed with individual stories of oppression, this book chronicles the vision behind IJM's work and seeks to tackle tragic injustices with practical insight, answering tough questions regarding the nature of injustice and the Biblical mandate for Christians to confront it. A great read for Christians interested in fighting injustice and hearing what God is doing through faithful servants. Includes a small group study guide. 

IJM Gift Catalog

Give the gift of freedom with IJM’s Gift Catalog – great for Christmas gifts or for fundraising as a church around a specific project any time of year.  

IJM Speakers

Our speakers – many of whom are former pastors, church staff, or served with IJM in the field – are available to preach on the biblical call to seek justice and share miraculous stories of God’s intervention in the work of rescue. Request a speaker for your church today. 

Just Courage, Gary Haugen

IJM CEO Gary Haugen invites Christians to follow God into the courageous life he has for them in the pursuit of justice. Includes a small group study guide.

Just Prayer Devotional

An 8-session devotional journey through the work of justice and prayer.

Nehemiah Night

Host an evening of prayer and advocacy! This event planning guide provides you with ideas for how to host an evening where your church will do the active work of fighting for justice.

Online Prayer Experience

This online prayer journey invites you to pray for justice and restoration in individual lives and our world by following the story of a young girl’s path to restoration following sexual exploitation.

Pastor Gathering

Join us for this exclusive annual event for pastors and church leaders attending IJM’s Global Prayer Gathering. 

Pastor Letter

People of faith have historically been at the forefront of abolition movements, and that is certainly true in the 21st century. Pastors: Add your name to the End Modern Slavery Initiative Faith Leader Letter!

Prayer Partners & Communities

Prayer plays a vital role in IJM's work. We invite you to join us as we pursue the work of justice through prayer as a prayer partner. Prayer communities consist of three or more individuals who commit to gathering to pray at least once a month for IJM's work around the world.

Race Toolkit

Coordinating a 5k or 10k run can go a long way to raise awareness and support on behalf of the oppressed. And if you’ve never put together a race to benefit IJM before, we have the tools for you.

Seeking Justice: 10 Minute Moments, Brian Cress

This devotional gives students 31 daily readings, questions and action steps to make a life-changing difference in the world. Students will discover God’s passion for justice, encounter stories from IJM survivors of abuse, and see what students across the country are doing when Seeking Justice.

The Freedom Commons

Connect with other abolitions and take action together on critical anti-slavery legislation and advocacy in your city, state, and nationwide. Great ways to take action for church justice teams or the whole congregation!

The Just Church, Jim Martin

This book is a practical guide on how to do justice and grow in discipleship—from those on the frontlines of the battle in the world’s darkest and most dangerous places. In Jim Martin’s first book, he offers tangible, accessible strategies to respond to God’s call to seek justice, defend the widow and orphan and rescue the oppressed. Includes a small group study guide.

The Justice Calling, Bethany Hoang & Kristen Johnson

Justice requires a deep perseverance we can't muster on our own. The Justice Calling offers a comprehensive biblical theology of justice drawn from the whole story of Scripture, inviting us to know more intimately the God who loves justice and calls us to give our lives to seek the flourishing of others. The authors explore stories of injustice around the globe today, and spur Christians to root their passion for justice in the persevering hope of Christ. 

The Justice Mission

This program is a video-enhanced youth curriculum reflecting the heart of God for the oppressed of the world. It is a five session study series that takes you inside the work of IJM to see the reality of injustice in the world, and what you can do about it.

The Locust Effect, Gary Haugen

IJM CEO Gary Haugen exposes the hidden plague of everyday violence that is destroying lives and undermining the fight against poverty in the developing world. 

"Justice is in the heart of God and is a significant part of our mission in the world. Every church should hear about the work of IJM. They will help you make a difference in the world."

– Dr. Rick Warren – Pastor, Saddleback Church; Author, The Purpose Driven Life

Meet the Team

Our team introduces churches to IJM's work, preaches on the biblical call to seek justice, and mobilizes churches to engage in justice ministry – both locally and globally.

Brian Cress

Director of Youth Mobilization

Eddie Kaufholz

Church Mobilization Director

Jeff Hancock

Director of Church Mobilization

Jill Bushery

Church Mobilization Project Manager

Jocelyn White

Church Mobilization Director

Jon Good

Director of Church Mobilization

Michael Lewis

Director of Church Mobilization

Mike Hogan

National Director of Church Mobilization

Richard Lee

Director of Church Mobilization

Roger Bain

Church Mobilization Program Manager

Tina Min

Church Mobilization Program Coordinator